About Me.

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Why did I become a Designer?

Art and Design have always been a way for me to express my sensitivity. Beautiful typography says so much more then just the words themselves. Perfectly matched colors can give you a feeling of instant balance. A single photo can tell you a long intense story. A mix of all 3 can be immensely powerful.

I truly enjoy finding design solutions to challenging problems and I think design should have a purpose not just look good.

My impression is – less is more!

Why did I become a Coach?

My journey started a long time ago. I guess you could say that I have been coaching, guiding or handholding people all my life. Intuitively, I would listen attentively to my surrounding and feel their emotional state and connect with them.

A sequence of incidents paired with a strong inner dissatisfaction forced me to slow down and contemplate about my role and purpose in life. As a consequence I immersed myself in self-reflection, took on various studies related to life, learnt to understand, appreciate and use my “highly sensitive nature” and began to see that my sensitivity is part of my purpose.

I changed the focus of my life and the energy started to flow naturally. I have adopted a systematic approach by practicing and developing my skills every day.

I see this as my responsibility to my surrounding and to myself. The clarity within me enables me to see my clients and reflect what truly needs to be seen.