My name is Susanne … nice to meet you!

I consult my clients on their complicated projects, I help them simplify their ideas into digestible pieces and I help them spoon-feed these pieces to their consumers – this is what I truly enjoy doing.

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) I have a high emotional awareness. Because I understand what moves people emotionally, I am able to capture your consumers with creative concepts, ideas and design that speak directly to them.

I’m passionate about social projects. I especially enjoy supporting social entrepreneurs with their great ideas and I help them catalyze their vision, purpose and passion into concrete ideas.

Design has always been a way for me to express my sensitivity. Beautiful typography says so much more then just the words themselves. Perfectly matched colors can give you a feeling of instant balance. A single photo can tell you a long intense story. And a mix of all 3 can be immensely powerful. I truly enjoy finding design solutions to challenging problems. Design for me should have a purpose not just good looks.

I believe that less is more!

I am a business consultant, art director, graphic designer, packaging designer, coach and mentor with a track record of 15+ years of supporting individuals, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs turn their ideas into marketable products.


Founded My True Colours, Zug, Switzerland (2017)

Chair of the Board of Directors and Co-Founder of Circular Society, Zug, Switzerland (2013-2017)

Moved with Greenmint to Schwyz, Switzerland (2013-2017)

Moved with Greenmint to Geneva, Switzerland (2008-2013)

Co-Founded CHI THEA AG from Beijing, China

Moved to Beijing, China where I continued to work for my European design clients and for some new clients in China from my home office. (2004-2008)

Growing up in an entrepreneurial home I followed my father’s footsteps and started my own design company “Greenmint” in Stuttgart (2004).

Art Director with BWO Marketing Service GmbH, Germany (1999-2003)

Freelance Graphic Designer with Sudhoff & Associates, Germany (1997-1999)

Product Designer with Tropic Dane, Vietnam (1997)

Packaging Designer with Desdoigts et Associés, Paris (1996-1997)


BFA in Design & Visual Communication, Parsons School of Design, Paris, France (1993-1996)

Ongoing communication design development and training

Certified Life, Mental and Stress Coach (CIS, ECA, ICI)

Master Module in Self-confidence, Coaching Institute Living Sense, Zürich, Schweiz

........ and so on