The purpose of life is finding the purpose of life.


I believe we are all looking for our true purpose on this earth in this lifetime. We may get glimpses of it every now and then, but often these glimpses are over shadowed by life’s busy schedules and they remain a vague idea. By learning from the “book of life” and taking responsibility for our actions and reactions we grow into a more authentic human being and we get closer to our true purpose.


For over a decade I have been watching and studying (social) entrepreneurs and people who were taking on new projects. Over the years I have identified a number of common traits between them. At some stage of their venture, the individual comes to a point where energy runs low, the ideas become fuzzy and they seem to be running in circles rather then progressing. This is understandable considering the overwhelming demands – balancing work and family – financial stress – the pressure of being available around the clock – the list goes on.

In life we encounter many “obstacles”. And while we tend to complain about yet another obstacle, we fail to see that the obstacles can in fact be “a blessing in disguise”, which has the power to push us in new directions and open new doors.

I invite you to a complimentary call where you can share what you want to work on in a coaching session. We can discuss the next steps and I will explain a little about how I work. If we see that we are a good fit we can start our journey together in a first session 60 to 90 minutes.

Sessions can be held over Skype or in person.

Here are some examples we can work on

  • Realization of your business idea
  • Lean startup
  • Can I become an entrepreneur
  • Career Change
  • Realization of your project
  • Issues on working with clients
  • Repeating issues that occur in your working environment
  • Confidence, Self Worth & Self Esteem
  • Living in Balance
  • Self Care
  • Living Your Purpose
  • Self & Identity
  • Managing Work and Home