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Greenmint is specialized in creating visuals for your company and personal LinkedIn profiles. Did you know that content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without? Using beautiful, creative and most of all relevant images and graphic elements will bring life to your online presents, show authenticity and give you more visibility. Greenmint will help you look and feel professional and boost your appearance on LinkedIn by creating a personalized and relevant background image using photos, headline, logo, website address etc. We will support you further by providing creative graphics for your social marketing on LinkedIn: advertisement, summary or articles.

Our power team to help you with your LinkedIn

LinkedIn consulting and training

Our partner Erika Kessler from Kessler Social Media helps you get attention, increase business, and attract both clients and employees with Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn.


Our partner Peter Sturn from Pixstudios offers our clients a special package for profile photo – a must have for your LinkedIn profile and cover image.