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WHO are my clients?

  • Individuals, entrepreneurs and social-entrepreneurs
  • Start-ups, small to medium sized enterprises and NGOs

WHAT services do I offer?


1 – You have a business idea but …

  • but you don’t know how to turn your idea into a plan.
  • you don’t know how to express your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  • you don’t know how to reach your target market.

2 – You know your business, and you know where you want to go,
but do you also know …

  • how to prioritize what to do first?
  • how to get started on all your visuals?
  • how to determine what design products you need?
  • what kind of colours and images talk to your audience?
  • why it is important to have a logo
  • what to look out for when you create a logo and which formats you will be needing?
  • what needs to be communicated on your website and how?
  • what system to choose when creating your website?
  • how you will be taking care of you website once it has gone live?
  • what to look out for when choosing your hosting?
  • how to present yourself and your company in the most authentic manner and why this is so important?
  • what marketing material you need and what would be an overkill?
    and so on … the list is long!

3 – You feel unsure about your …

Logo and website and you would like to get some fresh ideas.

4 – You already have a company …

but you seem stuck in the same patterns and your have a hard time moving forward. You feel your communication design is not aligned with your concept. Having a consultant join you with fresh new insight can work wonders.


Print … Branding … Graphic … Web … DESIGN

With an authentic appearance you will appeal to your target group and you will feel and look professional. Our design work will be tailor made for you – no “off the shelf”. We have a strong focus on high quality in all details. A personal consultation will allow us to understand the specifics of your product or service so that we can create the matching graphic solution. As a result of our experience in various design fields and in different countries, we can offer a “Full-Service” (from draft to finish) and a wide product range.

Our graphic design services include logo design, brochure design, branding, “small” exhibition design, flyer design, PowerPoint presentations to impress e.g. your investors’ …


We plan, create and design your website according to your business profile and focus on attracting your audience. We think long term with your website, so we make sure that the website will have the capability to grow and expand with your business. On request we can train you to update your website yourself or you can outsource that to us. We make sure your website is safe and up to date by checking and updating plugins etc. on a monthly basis.

HOW I work

From the heart

Working together is most effective when it happens in a collaborative and transparent way. This is why we will plan all steps together with you and make sure that all aspects will be discussed beforehand so that you will not be caught by surprise. Greenmint aims to make you look and feel confident and professional.

A mistake commonly made by entrepreneurs is to jump into creating their company’s design too early without having a clear idea of their audience. My experience has shown me that a company has a much higher chance in succeeding if its purpose and visual components are aligned.

Over the past many years during which I have supported numerous entrepreneurs, I have used my learning to develop my 3-step approach: Consulting – conceptualizing – designing

Consulting: Together we will work on a set of questions to help clarify your company’s purpose, USP and target group.

Conceptualizing: Based on the outcome of the consulting phase we will create a holistic concept, focusing on all aspects of communication and design (online and print).

Designing: Based on the results of the conceptualization phase, we will create the agreed design products.